Quality Assurance

Experience the Archer Difference

At Archer, we work every day to ensure that the people we serve are safe and treated with dignity and respect.

We do not tolerate any form of abuse, neglect, exploitation, mistreatment, or any violation of an individual’s basic human rights. Our management team tracks and analyzes trend reports, and monitors all individual service reports. Our support staff is trained regularly to maintain the highest level of reporting and documentation standards in addition to our care.

Health and Wellness Coordination

Health and Wellness Coordination is helpful for persons who need services that extend beyond routine doctor visits. Individuals receiving this service will have a Registered Nurse (RN) coordinate their medical care, and implement wellness plans. Archer nurses visit each person weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on the individual’s needs 

Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional

Our QIDP’s serve as a member of a person’s Individualized Support Team and provide assistance with investigations, BDDS reporting, and staff training. QIDPs monitor and track the individual’s progress with their personal goals, and addresses any barriers the person may have. Archer QIDPs also collaborate with other agencies serving the individual to ensure desired outcomes are being achieved. 


Archer Services meets all the standards and guidelines set by The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL). CQL Accreditation promotes excellence in person-centered services and supports that lead to increased quality of life. For more information in CQL and the accreditation standards please visit c-q-l.org