The (ICF/IID) Medicaid Waiver program provides funding to individuals with intellectual disabilities to receive support in their family home or in a community home of their choice. Archer is an approved provider for Community Integration and Habilitation (CIH) Waiver, Family Supports Waiver (FSW), and additional funding sources on an individual basis. Contact us to determine if we may assist you.


Our residential services are designed to provide support to individuals as they strive to be more independent. Our staff members are trained to meet each person’s individual needs.

Our Residential Services

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Participant Assistance and Care (PAC)

This service supports the individuals as they develop mobility, daily life, and self-care skills. Archer staff can provide physical support (as needed), prompts, reminders, and general supervision while the individual works to become more independent. 

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Community-based Habilitation (CHIO)

Services that are provided outside the home that focus on areas like: socialization, communication, and sensory/motor development. CHIO activities focus on getting the individual out into the community to build relationships and natural supports. 

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Supported Living (RHS)

The Supported Living program provides up to 24/7 service for individuals as needed. Individuals live in their own homes either alone or with housemates, or supports can be provided in one’s family home. Archer staff members work with each person to increase independence through assistance with personal care, money management, and medication reminders and assistance.

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Structured Family Caregiving (SFC)

Individuals who prefer a family/foster care setting may choose our Structured Family Caregiving program. In this setting, individuals are still able to work towards their personal goals while receiving support from the SFC caregiver 

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Respite Services

Available to give caregivers a break from the emotional and physical demands of caring for a family member with developmental disabilities. Archer staff members take time to learn not only the individual’s special needs, but also the family’s routine. Care is provided safely and professionally in the individual’s own environment.